Welcome to ezeegift online system

  • Unknown user can not join the system, he needs the UID of a person known to the system.
  • Every user can admit only two new users. You have to join this system voluntarily.
  • System gives you 300 Gp free after joining system (GP is gift point, digital value of 1GP = Rs.1).
  • Active update upgrade after entering system.
  • Follow instructions given by system and sponsor from time to time.
  • Non-compliance and wrong transaction loss is yours. The system and no one else will be responsible for it.
  • 600 Gp for ePin can be taken and generated only from sponsor,GP income cannot be earn without ePin.
  • To transfer GP you need to be two star You can transfer GP within your downline.
  • GP transfer is not done without OTP System only provide GP(gift points) to its users.
  • System dont ask any fee to join it.
  • System dont allow to any misuse it,If any user misuse the system then his/her account will be blocked permanantly.
  • Everybody are responsible for transactions of their own GP with others, system will not be responsible for any GP loss by any transaction.
  • Every users are required to fallow instructions strictly given by the system.
  • All Users are required to Update/upgrade his/her account regularly for earning gift points.
  • System never ask OTP to its user never share your OTP with other.

Support Email: contact@ezeegiftonline.com